Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A new blog

I've written a blog for somebody else's website, all about the social value of anger. Feel free to go and give it a read at

Over and above that... life in London remains generally a harder undertaking than cycling around the world, though I would like to think that it is maybe getting easier... I now deliver flowers in a tricycle rather than letters and documents for offices... it would seem that pedalling a two-metre contraption full of hundreds of pounds worth of floral arrangements is one way of getting people to smile at strangers, even in a big city, which is good to know.

I continue to wait for Guinness to respond to me with verification of my record ... they are generally entirely within their rights to take as long as they like if the record attemptee does not pay £300 to have their claim fast-tracked.

I continue to scribble away at my embryonic book.

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