Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Going Slow

I wrote a piece for the London Review of Books... it's a short take on the fact that cyclists seem to keep getting killed in London, whilst the authorities seem to keep doing nothing about it. It's as if cyclists are inconveniencing Boris Johnson and Transport for London by constantly winding-up dead and creating a sticky situation for all concerned.

Anyway... condolences to the friends and family of Henry Warwick, London cycle courier killed last week. Confused shrugs for the bureaucrats of Transport for London, who said that more people cycling would make cycling safer... Y'know... safety in numbers like... just as you'd tell a pack of seals with a killer whale in the waters, or a group of buffalo with a lion hanging around them, or any other group of beings faced with a predator that is intent on their demise. Comforting.

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